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On that summer’s day…

June eagerly packed his bags
for the festival in the
hot sun of his teenage years.
When, in a single moment of time,
the course of his future would forever change…

A girl named July
-an aspiring writer from the city-
unexpectedly joins his vagabond caravan
as they cast off for a mythical
Summer road trip bridging time and space
...where anything at all could happen…

Yet… it is much more than chance that mystically guides their
cyclical collision… For their story is read by a
mysterious Alchemist, who finds his own tale,
bound to the circle of their fate as well…

This 175 page, hardcover bound book contains the full album text, with marginalia and additional commentary, and includes high quality download of accompanying audio.

The Idyll Opus (I-VI) Hardcover Book

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