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Twin Singles within a double, mirrored booklet. 


The cover of this booklet is printed on paper containing living seeds of various green plants. These plants include: Corn, Poppy, Spurred Snapdragon, Catchfly, English Daisy, Evening Primrose, Gold Yarrow, Roman Chamomile Tussock Bellflower, Foxglove, Sagewort, Red and White Yarrow, Monkeyflower and perhaps most importantly, Thyme. 


These seeds are alive. 


If you plant this book into the ground, and water it, these seeds will grow and blossom into living plants.


This will of course come at the cost of destroying this vessel...


These are in limited quantity -shipping may be delayed should inventory exhaust.

A Boy Called June/In Medias Res Limited Edition Single Booklet

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