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Helel Ben Shehar .IX
On a Voyage Through Time and Space .VIII
At a Cross Where the Stars Dance .VII
Three .VI
Axis Mundi Among the Maze .V
The Alchemist's Song pt. 1 .IV
The Alchemist's Song pt. 2 .III
On a Page Between Spaces .I


q The Farmland
and the forests Edge


y A Boy Called June

Where ____ Meets _____  w

Between what it was o
and was to me  

The Siren at the  x
Water's Edge  

A Girl Named July  r

p In Medias Res

Where June Meets July:

Lake Galgalim u

Eve Beneath The Maple Tree


t Lake Adeyoha

I. Overture
II. On a Road Trip that Summer's Day...
III. At a Dance Where the Stars Cross
IV. O Tonight
V. Maps
(in the tune of the "Great Midwestern Summer Jig")
VI. The Cicada's Song pt. 1
VII. The Cicada's Song pt. 2
VIII. Secretus Liber:
Beneath the Fireworks that fell in Mystique Participation
IX. In the Space Between Pages...

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