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A Note on the Text

I have compiled everything I could of your Text-including every note, and fragment I could gather- to the utmost extent of my abilities. 


Along with the necessary portions of your Text I’ve included all interjections found in the marginalia. These have been numbered in chapter and verse as well to provide some semblance of linearity …to whatever degree such an illusion could be wrought given the circumambulatory nature of this tale I seem to find myself entangled within. 


For clarity’s sake… the text has been laid out with the calendar and clock accordingly:

      Mercury is aligned left

with The Number Nine* 



 Your   Text   is   blocked   in   Small   Capital   letters 



With Salt Centered as The Number Six*


And Sulfur Aligned to the right        

as The Number Three*



I’ve also included commentary and marginalia of my own; for though all efforts toward my ends have thus far been futile perhaps amidst my failure something “True,” -if such a thing should exist- will more easily escape this body of pages ...finding its way to you through the spaces triangulated within these words... 

* June (Three), July (Six), and The Alchemist (Nine)


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